Our Products & Services

Diesel and various grades of Gasoline  (Octane 9195 and 98) are supplied at the filling stations to cater various types of vehicles.

Upgraded services of car washoil change and shopping at the Station’s Mini market can now be also be attained. Some Stations are now equipped with Solar Panels to benefit from complimentary Electricity. The extra produced electricity is supplied to MEW mains.


  • Fuel Gas for local Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW) for Power generation 

  • Ethane as feed stock to Olefin Plants (Equate-1 and Equate-2), a JV Projects by KPC Subsidiary, PIC (Petrochemical Industries Co.) and DOW Chemicals.

  • LPG – Local market and exports

  • Petrochemical Naphtha for export

  • Gasolines – mainly for the domestic market

  • Kero / Jet-A 1 for export and domestic market

  • Gas Oil (Diesel – various grades for export markets and local market requirements

  • Fuel Oils – Local requirements for MEW, bunker needs and exports

  • Specialty Products - Sulfur, Petroleum Coke, and Bitumen (mainly for local demands)