Notice of Caution

KNPC has identified fraud schemes circulating on the Internet where fraudsters pose as representatives from KNPC. They lure victims by impersonating KNPC and offer contracting or investment opportunities. In many cases the fraud involves requesting the victim to pay them or a third party in order to win a contract or participate in an investment.

KNPC, its subsidiary companies, and its affiliates will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of these illegitimate activities. If you do receive an unsolicited e-mail offering you a job opportunity at KNPC or are invited to bid for a contract, sometimes involving extremely large amounts of money, this may invariably be a scam and you should exercise caution when dealing with such communication. Communications or online posts coming from non-official KNPC domains should be treated suspiciously. KNPC’s official domains are exclusively the following: 1) KNPC.COM, 2) KNPC.NET; and 3) http://KNPC.COM.KW. If you receive an email without this as the address, it may not be an authentic communication from KNPC. ​Please be aware correspondence from another email address could be fraudulent. If you are suspicious of a scam involving the name of KNPC, you should take necessary steps to confirm that you are dealing with a legitimate representative of KNPC, its subsidiary companies or affiliates.

What Should You Do?

• Do not respond to unsolicited business propositions from sources you cannot independently verify as being legitimate.

• Do not provide personal or financial details to any entity/website you do not know or trust.

• Be alert for suspicious signs of fraud:
- Poor use of language
- Use of non-official KNPC e-mail addresses such as,, or fake KNPC domains. Official KNPC emails will only come from
- Request for money to be paid in advance
- Communication through social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

• Be suspicious when dealing with anyone who does not have a direct telephone line / who never answers when you call their number or return your call later from a different number.

• Always independently verify the legitimacy of any business or investment opportunity before you make any decision.

You may notify us of any suspicious activity that involves KNPC, its subsidiaries or affiliates by emailing us on:

Consider taking the appropriate legal action if you are a victim of a scam.