The Concept

KNPC implements the "Sustainability" concept in all activities. The company realizes that its role is not restricted to Oil refining and Gas processing, but is extended to include main fields of social, economic, environmental and governance. Hence, the company makes major contributions to the society in which it works within. It also ensures the safety and welfare of all employees and society while maintaining the environment.
The “Sustainability Report,” issued by KNPC every other year, is verified by an international 3rd party. It reflects the KNPC transparency and regional leadership. 

KNPC focuses on Sustainability due to its critical impact on human, environment and economy. The three pillars of sustainability reporting initiatives is society, along with economic contribution and environmental protection. The community around the operating facilitates are our core stakeholders. Their safety, health and well-being is our main priority.

KNPC & the Society

Giving back to society has always been the forefront of the company’s strategic contributions. KNPC has been completely involved with giving back to charities and sponsorships especially those that focus on education, environmental enhancements, health and safety awareness, special needs education and well-being, as well as participating in cultural events. 

Our Stakeholders

In 2016, KNPC took the active step to hire a consultant to produce a customized Stakeholder Engagement Process. This project not only identified the current gaps in communication with our Stakeholders but also mapped out the core and indirect Stakeholders. After spending weeks with each department at KNPC, the Consultants were able to build a process for engagement with the company’s Stakeholders.

Our Stakeholder Engagement Process and consistent communication is a main priority for the company. We strive to continue to enhance and improve the relations with the Company’s Stakeholders. The thing which led us to form a Stakeholder Committee chaired by the DCEO for Support Services and it includes the concerned Department Managers as members thereof.

Reporting Policy