CEO Message

Being an Oil Refining company, we assume a huge responsibility in creating an added value to Kuwait .natural resources. Kuwait National Petroleum Company’s main objective aims to fulfill the local and international demand for all types of Petroleum by-products. 
We do recognize the ever-increasing push for cleaner sources of fuels, hence we are currently involved in carrying out several mega projects that will catapult Kuwait’s Refining industry into higher limits. Our low-Sulfur content of Gasoline, Diesel and other products will be in line with the highest international standards. This will open wider opportunities for our products to enter new markets. 
In our vision, we seek to be a leading player in the global Oil and Gas downstream sector, renowned for excellent performance and respected for our substantial contribution to our national economy.
KNPC seeks to achieve a sustainable development as a means for long-term strategy success and protection of the interest of our stakeholders.  Hence, we strictly follow stringent Health, Safety and Security measures which are aligned with Operational Excellence in all of our Operations. Our focus and efforts aim towards limiting our Environmental footprint through numerous projects. We are increasingly using renewable Energy sources, build projects for wastewater treatment and recover flared Gases. 
We have a vital role to play in Kuwait society, and we are building skilled human resources to run Kuwait Oil sector in these turbulent times. We are relying on our workforce to drive us to be among the world leaders in the refining industry And secure our Kuwait’s future generations.

Mohammad Ghazi Al-Mutairi