CEO Message

Fellow Employees of
Kuwait National Petroleum Company
I would like to express hereby my pleasure and pride to join KNPC family, hoping to continue the journey and efforts of my distinguished colleagues who preceded me in running this leading company whereas they contributed to developing it and helping it perform its role at best.

Moreover, I am very appreciative to the valued confidence bestowed on me by the KPC Board of Directors and its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Hashem Al-Sayyed Hashem to be elected to assume the task succeeding my dear friend, Engineer Mohammed Ghazi Al-Mutairi, whose under his leadership, the Company witnessed several successes and achieved many of its strategic goals and plans. Accordingly, we are so grateful to him for everything he has achieved.
Fellow Colleagues,
You are certainly aware that our Company has a great responsibility and a significant role to play towards meeting the requirements of the local and international markets concerning the different oil products, the thing that possess major challenges splitting in two streams. The first one is to be able to fulfill our obligations accurately and up to standard. This is on one hand; while on the other hand, we should cope with the rapid developments at the level of the global downstream industry, including the collective increase in the demand volume, imposing stringent technical conditions on the product specifications and quality in addition to some other environmental and social concerns.

What has been stated above places KNPC in front of major challenges, particularly with our Company entering a new era where it carries out major mega projects that will have large economic returns, among those are the Clean Fuels Project (CFP), Fifth Gas Train Project, Acid Gases Recovery Project (AGRP), Metla’a Depots Project, Building new100 filling stations as well as some other strategic projects which represent a quantum leap in the Kuwaiti oil sector, the thing which will enable us to become a strong competitor in the global market and contribute an added value to the Kuwaiti oil wealth.

Despite all the challenges posed here-within, we have full confidence in the competency, skills, dedication and commitment of our human workforce at various levels, the thing that makes us feel quite secure and comfortable for the future of our Company and our oil sector in general, since the latter plays a prominent role in supporting the State economy.

In this regard, I would like to stress the fact that KNPC is a substantial entity within a chain of subsidiaries under the umbrella of Kuwait Petroleum Company. We promise, not only to maintain this well-interrelated organization quite solid and powerful, but also to fulfill our obligations, God willing, in enhancing the sector’s direction towards more cooperation, integrity and sharing knowledge and best practices while benefiting from the diversity of experiences.
Deal All,
To conclude, I would like to stress on the Human Element- All of you in Kuwait National Petroleum Company. The Human Capital is the fundamental asset through which the Company relies heavily on when powering ahead. We do not deal with static entities, equipment, machines or installations only, rather your dedication and devotion to your Company and to your dear country Kuwait that deserves every effort towards developing it and contributing to the achievement of its advancement and progress.

May Al-Mighty Allah top our efforts with success under the wise leadership of the patron of modern Kuwait, His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince, may God preserve them and protect them both and to perpetuate our country and endow it with the blessings of security, stability and prosperity.
Waleed Khaled Al-Bader