CEO Message

Being employed by Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) is considered a source of pride and honor for all employees since it is a leading Company that has a good reputation in and outside of Kuwait due to the role it plays in the international oil industry and the downstream one in particular, not to mention its great contribution to boosting our national economy . 

Similarly, KNPC, that was founded sixty years ago, is so proud of all of its employees at their various levels, locations and places of business. The Company considers them the cornerstone that help achieve the business objectives and enable it to continue its progress and success.

Hence, KNPC pays close attention to the human element that is considered a very crucial one. The Company is keen to provide job opportunities for the Kuwaiti youth and to create an appropriate working environment that motivates its employees to be more productive and innovate, while focusing on their training and development, providing them with several incentives to achieve professional and living stability.

Kuwait National Petroleum Company has recently launched its 2040 Strategy, a long-term Strategy inspired from Kuwait Petroleum Corporation directions and the new State of Kuwait 2035 vision. With oil wealth representing the Country's main economic resource, the Kuwaiti oil sector is now on the threshold of a new era with many challenges that require more efforts, and possessing the proper tools that enable us to face those challenges, and overcome them efficiently.

Our Company is in its major leap forward in implementing several strategic and mega projects. Among those are the Clean Fuels Project (CFP) and the Gas Train-5, which are expected to open up new horizons for us to develop our potentials and capabilities to maintain advanced operational excellence, while in parallel, complying strictly with health, safety, security and environment attributes, to ensure the safety of our employees, facilities, and the safety of the community at large.

We will never spare any efforts to ensure that our projects and activities are sustainable, including community-related activities and initiatives. We will continue to strengthen our cooperation with our stakeholders, who share our ambitions and aspirations for a better and brighter future for us, our country and our future generations.

Waleed Khaled Al-Bader