Clean Fuels

What is Clean Fuels?

The Clean Fuels Project (CFP) constitutes a quantum leap in the progress of Kuwait National Petroleum Company. It is due to this Mega Project in the history of the Kuwaiti oil sector, Mina Abdullah (MAB) and Mina Al-Ahmadi (MAA) Refineries have been upgraded and developed.

The current capacity of MAB Refinery stands at 454,000 bpd, while for MAA Refinery is at 346,000 bpd. The two Refineries form an Integrated Refining Complex with a total refining capacity of 800,000 bpd of crude oil. This integration provides the Company a high flexibility and quick response to customer requirements and market diversified variables.

The total number of new Units is 76 in both MAB and MAA Refineries. Of those, 30 Units were upgraded, while 7 more were shut-down. In total, 4,045 new equipment were installed.

The new Units utilize the latest technology to produce high-quality and eco-friendly petroleum products that comply with the highest international environmental standards, such as Euro-4 & Euro-5, as they contain very low levels of sulfur, nitrogen oxides, metals and other pollutants; hence, greatly reduce emissions and environment impact. This enables the Company to be more competitive and has the ability to penetrate new markets that have been eluded in the past, such as Europe and North America.

The Units are now more energy efficient, and have increased operation reliability, availability and safety levels. With less interruptions and un-scheduled shutdowns, the Company’s operations will be costeffective and products more competitive.

Key Facts

Enviromental Impact

The environmental impact has drastically dropped with the Company currently supplying the power stations with clean fuel oil, and the local market with all grades of clean gasoline, gas oil, and kerosene.

Local Economy

The CFP has contributed to enhancing the local economy by involving local contractors and suppliers in all phases of the Project. The local content amounted to 34% of the CFP total work. The national workforce in future maintenance and service contracts will comprise 25% of such contracts.

The Inauguration Ceremony