KNPC exports the first shipment of 95-octane motor fuel to European markets

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) exported the first shipment of gasoline (automotive fuel – octane 95), low sulfur and aromatic compounds, which conforms to international environmental specifications and standards.

The volume of cargo exported from Mina Al-Ahmadi amounted to 35,000 tons, and was loaded on board the oil tanker Pacific Sarah, which will head to European markets.

This shipment was exported in cooperation and coordination with the global marketing sector of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, after the company was able to meet the full need of the local market of this product, and this step achieves an added value to the price per metric ton of naphtha, which is the intermediate petroleum used in the production of automotive fuel, and thus raises the final profit margin significantly.

Since operating the Clean Fuels Project in March 2022, the company has been able to achieve additional financial returns from the sale of its products that conform to international standards approved in the European and American markets, which enhances its profitability and contributes to supporting the national economy, especially with the growing global demand for environmentally friendly petroleum products.