Opening the New Training Center at Mina Abdullah Refinery

Accompanied by a number of his DCEOs at MAB Refinery, KNPC CEO Waleed A-Bader opened the new Training Center of the Training and Career Development Department, to be the Company’s second, after Mina Al-Ahmadi Training Center opened end of 2021.
On this occasion, Al-Bader praised the important role the training programs play in enhancing and developing the skills and abilities of KNPC employees and the Kuwaiti oil sector in general, assuring that the Company pays the training a special attention, for its output on the employees’ efficiency and performance.
“The advanced technology and the Center modern training methods are very important as they match the best systems used regionally and internationally in the big institutions in this field”, he added.
On his side, DCEO Admin & Commercial, Ahed Al-Khurayif said that, besides the K-companies’, the Center also trains KNPC employees of different departments like Operations, Maintenance, Technical Services, and Quality Assurance, which is a qualitative move in the training field on the Company and oil sector level.
Replying to a question about the Center Al-Khurayif said that, it comprises nine sections for lectures, three Assimilator rooms for training the Operations staff, and a smart workshop equipped with Augmented and Virtual Reality for vocational and technical training. “It also has computers labs, a meeting room, a chemical lab, besides offices for the specialist trainers, and the staff,” he added.