CEO visits KNPC Refineries

CEO KNPC Waleed Al-Bader visited MAA and MAB Refineries at the third day of Eid Al-Adha, where he checked on the employees’ conditions and congratulated them on the occasion, commending their sincere efforts and dedication working during the Eid holiday.

“The attendance and auspices of His Highness. Amir of Kuwait as well as His Highness the Crown Prince, may Allah bless them both, for the full commissioning of the Clean Fuels Project last March has been a source of pride for all KNPC and the oil sector employees in general”, he added.

Al-Bader affirmed that the great official attention received from our prudent leadership indicates KNPC status and important economic role, attributing the Company’s profits during the last two years to the efforts of its employees.

After being briefed on the work mechanism to fulfill the clients’ needs abroad, as well as the local market of fuel during the Eid holiday, Al-Bader assured on the importance of commitment to the HSE procedures in the refineries and added that the first Low Sulphur Diesel shipment has actually been exported to Italy.