Participating Teams in the "The Refineries Challenge" Hackathon, Honored

The CEO Walid Al-Badr, honored the participating teams in the 2nd Hackathon, which carried the title "Refineries Challenge.”
Al-Badr praised the efforts of the participating teams and their distinguished efforts, which impressed the CEO of KPC, Hashem Hashem. “The creative initiatives of the company’s employees receive all appreciation from the senior management, as well as the K-companies leaders, which it considers best practices worthy of application,” he said.
“Enormous responsibilities are placed on our shoulders in order to maintain our advanced leadership position in the oil sector, and to continue our outstanding performance at all levels,” he added. Al-Bader also noted that the visit of His Highness the Prime Minister, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, to the company, MAB and MAA refineries, left a good impression, in terms of the volume of achievements and works entrusted to the company.
For his part, DCEO for Planning & Finance Khaled Al-Khayat thanked Al-Bader for his unlimited support. “All the ideas discussed in the Hackathon are now in the custody of DCEO for MAA Wadha Al-Khatib to view the possibility of actual implementation.”