Commissioning Hydro Cracking Unit at MAB

KNPC announced the operation of the Hydro Cracking Unit No. 214 at MAB, a new CFP unit. It works on breaking down heavy gas oil, then converts it into high-value and quality light products.

The Unit production capacity is 50 thousand bpd, thus it is the second largest unit of its kind in Kuwait which promotes the production of high-quality kerosene used as jet fuel and in other industries, and the production of diesel, which complies with European specifications Euro-4/5 as a final product, as well as it contributes to producing gasoline and liquefied gas.

The national cadres at the refinery succeeded in commissioning the Unit in record time, which is a step of the complete commissioning of CFP, and it implements one of the objectives of the KPC 2040 Strategy aiming to promote the growth in the refining and processing sectors, revamp refineries to produce clean fuel, in line with the latest European standards.

"KNPC" is proud of this great job achieved by Kuwaiti nationals who followed intensive courses on safety and quality controls, before being assigned the sophisticated operation of this Unit.