The Company Honors Long-Service Employees

In the presence of CEO Waleed Khaled Al Bader, his Deputies and a group of managers and team leaders in addition to the honored colleagues, and appreciating the values of loyalty and gratitude of contribution, KNPC held its annual ceremony to recognize the efforts of its long service employees who have spent many years in service of the company,
Al-Bader praised the efforts of the honorees, pointing out that this meeting reflects the company's well-established traditions and shows its interest in and devotion to its loyal sons whose contributions have played a major role in developing business systems and attaining achievements in the company.
He added that it was a great honor to participate in this celebratory event which includes a number of employees who served as long as 40 years in the company and have experienced its development since its first decades, wishing them more success and achievement.
At the end of the ceremony, Al Bader and his deputies honored those who spent 40, 35, 30, 25 and 20 years in service of the company, in recognition of their contribution.