KPC CEO Visits KNPC Projects

KPC CEO, Hashem Hashem, and a number of KPC's board members paid a visit to the CFP to view and be updated about the Project’s latest developments. KNPC CEO Waleed Al-Bader, DCEOs and a number of CFP and commissioning Department managers were at the reception.   

The visit started with a visual presentation on the CFP latest developments of and the percentage of completion given by the CFP Department Manager Hashim Al-Rifai. Operations Managers at MAA and MAB gave similar presentations about the progress of the Project’s three packages and the timeline of the units commissioning. 

The visitors were also briefed about the development of other major projects, including the AGRP at MAA, which is nearing completion, and the GT-5 Project.

They preparations for the new rainy season and measures taken to prevent damages similar to last year’s. 

KPC CEO said that he was proud for the achievements made so far. He commended the efforts of all teams and the prevailing one-team spirit in facing the challenges at the  projects execution.