KNPC Launches First Production Unit at CFP

KNPC has succeeded in operating the first new production unit at the Clean Fuels Project “CFP”, namely the Diesel Production Unit (U-216) at Mina Abdullah Refinery (MAB), which was built according to the newest international specifications and has a production capacity of about 73 thousand barrels of diesel per day (MBPD).
KNPC Spokesman Abdullah Fahad Al-Ajmi said that the Diesel Unit U-216 is one of the most important and most advanced units of the CFP, since it includes one of the largest reactors in MAB, and has a volume of 1012 cubic meters, and works to treat diesel with hydrogen to remove sulfur and impurities.
He stressed that the Unit will contribute significantly to upgrading the quality of the company's products, as it will produce low-sulfur diesel by up to ten parts per million (ppm) only, instead of 500 ppm, being the sulfur ratio in diesel produced by the old Unit. This low ratio is in line with global environmental requirements and European market standards (Euro 5).
Al-Ajmi added that launching this Unit is the first mechanical operation of CFP units, highlighting the efforts exerted by the refinery teams to ensure the safe operation thereof, especially it’s located within the premises of the existing MAB, and requires complex connections.
Al-Ajmi pointed out that KNPC continues to exert all efforts to complete the operation of all CFP facilities in Mina Abdullah and Mina Al-Ahmadi Refineries.
It is noteworthy that the total diesel production at MAB is expected to reach 146 MBPD, after the completion of Unit U-116, which is under construction within the expansion of MAB Refinery.