KNPC Launched 2040 Strategy

In the presence of CEO Mohammed Ghazi Al-Mutairi, DECOs, a group of Managers, Team Leaders and scores of KNPC employees in addition to representatives from local newspapers and news agencies, the company celebrated the launch of downstream strategy 2040.
Al-Mutairi opened the ceremony with a speech in which he highlighted the pleasant occasion being a prominent landmark in the history of the company and it shapes its future for the forthcoming twenty years.
He said that strategy 2040 mirrors the company’s directives, goals and initiatives which will certainly lead us to a better future and it continues its prosperous progression which set out in 1960, and will definitely carry on advancing and moving from success to another.
The CEO reiterated that the significance of the strategic plans lies in the deep understanding of the nature of the internal and external variables and he called for the sufficient flexibility to keep pace with these variables through following a realistic and an action plan which help the company keep surviving in the close cycle of competition. This entails the capability of reading meticulously the requirements of development, success and excellence.
During the ceremony, “Strategy Ambassadors” who are a group of young male/female employees representing all company’s departments, submitted presentations on the key issues of the strategy in question.