Operating Naphtha Conversion Unit No. 107 in MAA

Naphtha Conversion Unit No. 107 in Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery, which is part of the Clean Fuels Project, has been successfully operated with a production capacity of 30,000 bpd. 

However, this Unit is the first of its kind in Kuwait and was built according to the latest international specifications. It is also of special importance for the CFP and for Kuwait in general, due to its contribution to supplying the domestic market with auto fuel, and improving the quality of the fuel produced by the company, by reducing the percentage of aromatic compounds and sulfur, the thing which contributes to the preservation of the environment.

It is worth noting that the unit of Auto Fuel Production Unit No. 107 is located among a group of operational units affiliated to Area 1 of MAA, which required a great deal of efforts by the stakeholders in the refinery, during the process of linking the said unit with the rest of the units and other production and feeding lines, and then operating it successfully as per the safety and security requirements of the company.