KNPC Directory

KNPC Management


Hamza Abdullah Bakhash


Fax: 23988878

Chief Executive Officer

Waleed Al-Bader


Fax: 23988878

Corporate Legal

Mngr. Corporate Legal

Essam Abdullah Al-Murjan

Office: 23881003

Fax: 23261332

Fuel Supply Operations

Deputy C.E.O. Fuel Supply Operations

Ghanim Naser Al-Otaibi


Fax: 23986106

Mngr. Risk Management

Khalil Esmaeil M. H. Esmaeil

Office: 2388-1003

Fax: 23261332

Mngr. Local Marketing

Waleed Yagoub Al-Beaijan

Office: 24741719

Fax: 24739006

Admin. And Commercial

Deputy C.E.O. Admin & Commercial

Basem Issa Al-Issa


Fax: 23986096

Mngr. Human Resources

Ahed Abdulla S. Al-Khurayif

Office: 23889119

Fax: 23986118

Mngr. Training & Career Development

Dina Fahad AlKhuder

Office: 23989100

Fax: 23986171

Mngr. Management Support

Ousama Habib Shammas

Office: 23884250

Fax: 23280906

Mngr. Commercial

Naser Faleh Thaqeb

Office: 23986022

Fax: 23986109

MAA Refinery

Deputy C.E.O. Mina Ahmadi Refinery

Fahad A. Al-Dihani


Fax: 23881677

Mngr. Gas Operations

Mohammd Naser Al-Ajmi

Office: 2388-1009

Fax: 23881687

Shujaa Salem Al-Ajmi

Office: 23981999

Fax: 23980476

Mngr. Operations

Fahad Saad Al Mutairi

Office: 23981002

Fax: 23261311

Mngr. Quality Assurance

Naser Ali Al Subaie

Office: 23882999

Fax: 23262778

Mngr. Maintenance

Ahmad Ismaeil Dashti

Office: 23881500

Fax: 23881627

Mngr. Technical Services

Wadha Ahmed Al-Khateeb

Office: 23881006

Fax: 23281942

MAB Refinery And SHU Refinary Departments

Deputy C.E.O. Mina Abdulla Refinery

Wadha Ahmed Al-Khateeb


Fax: 23280282

MAB - Commisioning Coordination CFP

Ali Mohammad Al-Ajmi

Office: 23883400

Fax: 23284880

Mngr. Maintenance

Tareq Nouri Al Thuwaini

Office: 23885678

Fax: 23263405

SHU - MNGR. Engineering And Maintenance

Mohammad Saud Al-Shammari



MAB - MNGR. Operations

Salah Habeeb Al-Khayyat

Office: 2388-3100

Fax: 23262872

MAB - MNGR. Quality Assurance

Samir Kazem Al-Ali

Office: 2388-3500

Fax: 23280106

MAB - MNGR. Technical Services

Mubarak Mesfer Al-Mutairi

Office: 23883228

Fax: 23263530

Planning And Finance

Deputy C.E.O. Planning & Finance

Khaled Ali Essa Al-Khayyat


Fax: 23986113

MNGR. Finance

Muntuser Sulaiman Eshaq

Office: 23889400

Fax: 23986122

MNGR. Manufacturing Optimization Group

Ahmad Mohammad Al Failakawi

Office: 23883005

Fax: 23260007

MNGR. Research & Technology

Walid Adeeb Alghawas

Office: 23881667

Fax: 23262788


Deputy C.E.O. Projects

Abdulla Fahhad Al-Ajmi


Fax: 23986107

MNGR. Information Technology

Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Duaji

Office: 2388-9300

Fax: 23986124

MNGR. Projects |

Khaled Sabah Al Bloushi

Office: 2388-3311

Fax: 23280240

MNGR. Clean Fuels Project

Hashim Ez Al-Deen Al-Refaie

Office: 23883373

Fax: 23280599

MNGR. Projects ||

Riadh Abdulateef Al Tourah

Office: 2388-4446

Fax: 23280619

Support Services

Deputy C.E.O. Support Services

Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Duaji


Fax: 23986164

MNGR. Security And Fire

Abdullah Mohammad Al-Ajmi

Office: 2388-1881

Fax: 23261332

MNGR. Health, Safety & Environment

Fayez Bander Al-Mutairi

Office: 23881003

Fax: 23261332

MNGR. Corporate Communication

Khuloud Saad Al-Mutairi

Office: 23889550

Fax: 23986120

MNGR. General Services

Ali Ahmed Kshawe

Office: 2388-9000

Fax: 23986117