Al-Zour Refinery

This is the world’s largest grass-root refinery with 615,000 bpd capacity. When completed, Kuwait refining capacity will be 1.4 million bpd. The refinery will have high flexibility as it is designed to process various types of Kuwait crude including the Kuwait Heavy Crude (KHC) oil, which will be produced according to KPC upstream strategy. It will provide mainly clean fuel oil to the power plants; and an expansion plan to full conversion is considered as a suitable option.

Aims of the Project

This strategic project will utilize KHC and other types of crude to supply the power stations with clean fuels (less than 1 % of sulfur content). In fact, ZOR refinery will also be the alternative for Shuaiba refinery which will be closed in April 2017.

Key Facts

Economic Feasibility

  • Ensures a secure and stable supply of clean fuel supply to the power stations
  • Will create some 1,000 job opportunities for Kuwaiti nationals
  • Kuwait private sector will have the chance to share in this national effort and gain rare technical experience

Environmental Significance

  • Almost all produced wastewater will be recycled and reused
  • Special systems to control emissions and monitor ambient air
  • Smoke-free and low-noise flares