Clean Fuels Project

A strategic project to expand and upgrade Mina Abdullah and Mina Al-Ahmadi Refineries to be an integrated Refining complex with a total capacity of 800,000 bpd. It is expected to boost Kuwait’s global position in the Oil Refining industry.

Emergency Response Number is 165

Available 24 hours to handle concerns of social and environmental issues from the neighboring communities to KNPC. For example, issues related to fumes, spills, odors, noise and other HSE concerns.

Aims of the Project

In addition to advanced conversion capabilities, MAA and MAB operational excellence, reliability and safety performance will be greatly upgraded. Energy efficiency and environment protection will also be greatly enhanced. Its clean products will conform to Euro-4 specifications to reduce KNPC environmental impact greatly

After commissioning, both refineries will fulfill the local and international demand for clean fuels that meet the most stringent environmental requirements. While creating numerous job opportunities, CFP will give the local economy an effective push

The project aims at developing and expanding MAA Refining capacity to 346,000 bpd, and MAB Refinery to 454,000 bpd. As a result, the refining capacity of the 2 Refineries will be 800,000 bpd. The project also contributes in linking the two Refineries with each other in order to be an integrated Refining complex which is flexible enough to help the company to meet the variables at both the international and local markets. Moreover, it will enhance the two Refineries performance, safety and operational reliability while in parallel, optimize the Energy usage.

Key Facts

Economic Feasibility

Project Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is expected to be 11.5%, which is considered high return for a project of such volume. Instead of selling crude oil directly to the market, the project will add value to Kuwait natural resources and increase the country’s share in the international arena.

The project's internal rate of return is expected to be 11.5%, which is considered to be a high return for such projects, and instead of selling crude oil directly to the market, the project will add new value to the natural resources.

The high-quality products will allow the company to enter new global markets, increasing Kuwait's share in the international arena.

Environmental Significance

The products will meet Euro-4 specifications. Therefore, the environmental impact will be greatly reduced with much less content of SOx, NOx and other pollutants. For example, sulfur content in gasoline will be cut down from 500 ppm into 10 ppm, and in gasoil from 5,000 ppm into 10 ppm.

KNPC embarked on comprehensive developmental phase along with CFP through producing environmentally friendly oil products which meet the strictest criteria of European countries and USA such as Euro-4 and Euro-5. Such conditions stipulate maximum limits for impurities and pollutants in the various kinds of fuel used in industry and transportation means.

The company will also enjoy a big competitive capability via submitting products with better specifications and less cost when compared to the best refineries in the world.

Environmental and Social Assessment

KNPC strive to be the leader in Health, Safety and Environment performance in the petroleum industry. We are committed to operate our business with a focus on health and safety to our employees, contractors, visitors and surrounding community as well as protection of our environment; acknowledging that they are our core stakeholders and main priority.

As part of KNPCs ongoing commitment to its workforce and community, several Environmental and Social assessments have been prepared by world renowned consultants to ensure all national and international standards are maintained.

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