Refining of Crude Oil

Refining is the Core Business of KNPC. The Company also Processes/Imports Gas, and markets the refined products locally.

KNPC owns and operates two refineries, namely Mina Al-Ahmadi (MAA) and Mina Abdullah (MAB).
The two Refineries form an integrated refining complex, which gives the Company a high flexibility in exchanging products either to fulfil the demands of international clients or to maintain a continuous production in times of maintenance or unscheduled shutdowns.

The total capacity of the two refineries is 736,000 bpd. Part of production is marketed locally, whereas the majority of products are exported to international markets. Gas processing capacity of MAA 4 gas trains is 2,485 mmscfpd.

Each Refinery has its own features. MAA is one of the world’s largest Refineries and MAB has high conversion capabilities. It also has the only Delayed Coker Unit in the Gulf area.

Mina Al Ahmadi Refinery

Mina Al Ahmadi Refinery (MAA) was built in 1949 as a simple refinery with 25,000 bpd capacity to cover the local demand for Gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene. It occupies 10.5 km2 of land and is...

Mina Abdullah Refinery

Mina Abdullah Refinery (MAB) was built in 1958 by the American Independent Oil Company (AMINOIL) before it was fully acquired by the State of Kuwait in 1977. It was renamed “Kuwait Wafra Oil...