Fifth Gas Train

This strategic project on the regional level, is part of KPC strategy in expanding Kuwait capacity in the production and processing of gas to fulfill the local needs. After completion, KNPC total gas processing capability will be 3.263 billion SCFPD .

Aims of the Project

The project has boosted Kuwait's capabilities in processing the expected future increase of non-associated gas from oil fields and from KNPC refineries. The produced light Methane is used in power stations, Propane & Butane in domestic use and supply olefins factories with Ethane.  Propane, Butane and Pentane are also being exported.

Key Facts

Economic Feasibility

The project has fulfilled Kuwait’s needs of clean fuels and reduced imports of gas

Environmental Significance

Naturally, LPG and LNG are widely considered as a major source of clean energy. They cause minimum impact on environment, especially in replacing the heavy fuel and crude oil used in power stations. They are sulfur-free and emissions are less damaging to ozone.