Gas Liquefaction

Gas Liquefaction industry is a major activity of KNPC. The Company has a Liquefaction Plant at MAA with 4 trains with 2,458 billion scfpd of production capacity.

Gas has several environmental and economic benefits. The reduction of emissions of SOX, NOx and CO2 to name a few.  Crude Oil, Gas Oil and Fuel Oil are also saved. 

Gas is naturally produced in parts of Kuwait Oil Fields within that of KOC and KGOC. It is then transferred to Gathering Centers before it is sent to LNG Liquefaction Plant at MAA. Other amounts of Gas are produced in KNPC Refineries.

This Plant, inaugurated in 1978, has 4 production Trains to extract Propane, Butane and Gasoline. Following KPC strategy, KNPC is carrying out several Gas-related projects.  Late 2015, KNPC inaugurated 4th Gas Train that was commissioned with production capacity of 805 mmscfpd of Gas and 106,000 bpd of Condensate. Currently, Gas 5th Train is being executed and is expected to be commissioned in the second half of 2019. KNPC will then have overall production capacity of 3.3 billion scfpd.

To meet the increasing production of Gas within Kuwait Oil Fields and Refineries, the Company is building a number of Tanks for Gas storage.

Another important project is currently underway is the LNG Import Facilities at Al-Zour to meet the peak demand for Energy during Summer times.