Gas Compressor Isolation System at MAA Refinery's HCU Upgraded

Cooperating with the Operations, Maintenance and Quality Assurance Services, and the Technical Services’ Departments, the Rotary Equipment Team (1) at MAA, succeeded in upgrading the main gas compressors insulation system (C-84-100 & 200) of the Hydro- Cracking Unit No. 84. Dry gas can be used now instead of the traditional oil-pressure one.
The efficiency of the gas insulation system for compressors was increased, and safe operation was ensured, in addition to lifting up the 4 years shelf life of the gas compressors insulation system to match the unit operation period.
Modernizing this system comes in line with the field latest standards and systems as it contains a Gas Conditioning Skid; an additional kit of equipment and fine instruments ensure that the gas reaches the dry insulation system at a certain temperature after being cleared off any impurities or condensates, in order to improve the insulator's efficiency and avoid sudden breakdowns.
Collaborating with the concerned departments during the Unit scheduled maintenance period, February 2022, the Rotary Equipment Team (1) successfully completed the project, then safely operated the Unit under the supervision of the manufacturer in May 2022.