Shujaa Al-Ajmi Appointed Deputy CEO for Mina Al-Ahmadi (MAA) Refinery

KNPC announced the appointment of Eng. Shujaa Al-Ajmi as a Deputy CEO for Mina Al-Ahmadi (MAA) Refinery. The Deputy CEO for Admin & Commercial Affairs, and the Official Spokesman for the Company, Ahed Al-Khrayef, confirmed that KNPC CEO, Waleed Al-Bader, issued a decision appointing thereby Al-Ajmi in his new position, effective 22 June 2021.
Al-Bader stated that Al-Ajmi has an extensive experience and an outstanding record extending to nearly 25 years, working in the Company which he started after graduating from Kuwait University in 1996 as a Chemical Engineer, and since then, he has joined MAA Refinery and has occupied many positions since.
Al-Khrayef added that in 2017, Al-Ajmi was appointed as an Operations Manager of the Clean Fuels Project (CFP) at the Refinery, where he supervised the operations of the Project Units within the Refinery, which took place in April 2020, before moving in July of the same year to work as Operations Manager at the Al-Zour Refinery of the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company "KIPIC".
Al-Khrayef expressed the confidence of KNPC Management in Al-Ajmi's capability of leading the work teams at MAA Refinery, and that the Company relies heavily on him to develop its business, implement its plans and achieve its goals.
It is note-worthy that MAA Refinery is one of two Refineries owned by the Company along with its other affiliate, Mina Abdulla. The Refinery was established in 1949 as the first oil Refinery in Kuwait, and its current production capacity is 346,000 barrels per day.