Commissioning the Naphtha Hydro Treatment Unit at MAB

The company announced the operation of the Naphtha Hydro Treatment Unit No. 117 at MAB, which is one of the CFP units thereat. 

DCEO of MAB, Eng. Wadha Al-Khateeb, said that the production capacity of this unit reaches to 23,500 bpd, and it removes impurities such as sulfur, nitrogen and minerals.

She stated that the Unit produces processed naphtha with a low sulfur content and is in line with the highest international standards, noting that it was designed by the Danish company (Haldor Topsoe), a leader in the production of catalysts, and designing processing plants based thereon.

Al-Khateeb commended the efforts of the national cadres, who were able to overcome the obstacles arising from the emergency Corona pandemic, and their work Led to the successful operation of a number of important units in the Project, including this unit.