Assigning the Newly Admitted Engineers Within KPC and its Subsidiaries

The Company conducted a lottery to distribute 550 newly graduated Kuwaiti Engineers, who were previously admitted to work at KPC and it Subsidiaries. The session was attended by representatives of all respective Entities.
This batch of Engineers covers the various Engineering disciplines, in addition to other Science majors, according to the Employment Announcement that was published last October.
This lottery is the first of its kind that the Company conducts directly online, in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of Social Distancing and the Safety of everyone. Links were sent to the new graduates to enable their participation in the lottery process, and follow its results directly on the Company's website.
The lottery was distinguished by its smooth procedures, accurate order and transparency, in addition to specifying the name of the Company to which the graduate was assigned, as previously applied, as this lottery was determined by the Department in which the graduate would work and the Division he would join, along his/her job title.