KNPC Trains a New Batch of Students of The College of Technological Studies

KNPC signed "Training Contracts" with a new batch of 63 students from the Refineries Operation Technology Department at The College of Technological Studies.

As per these Contracts, the Company will train these students for a period of two and a half years in the training centers and sites of the Training and Career Development Department, where the students will undergo intensive training and simulation programs for refinery units, which will be annexed the scientific curriculum they receive in their College.

KNPC shall provide each student with a monthly bonus throughout the training period, provided that the student achieves the required passmark, in order to upgrade the level of graduates of the refinery operation specialization, and provide them with the needed practical skills.

The program aims to properly invest in Kuwaiti youth, providing them with adequate job opportunities upon graduation, while meeting the needs of the Company's operations Departments from graduates of this specialization, who are expected to play an important and fundamental role in the refineries' business. 

It is worth noting that KNPC has conducted few days ago a Lottery to distribute a new batch of 54 graduates of refinery operation technology, who subsequently joined work in Mina Al-Ahmadi and Mina Abdullah refineries.