KNPC Inaugurates a New Filling Station in Sabah Al-Ahmad City

On Monday August 10, 2020, the Company inaugurated a new Filling Station in Sabah Al-Ahmad Residential City, bearing No. 140, being the fifth Station that the Company operates in the city since last December. However, work is underway to establish 4 other Filling Stations to meet the residents’ needs. 
Inaugurating this Filling Station is part of KNPC's plan to construct 18 new Stations in different parts of the Country, as a first batch within a long-term plan, which includes constructing 100 Stations that aims to keep pace with the urban expansion in Kuwait in the attempt to meet the residents’ needs, particularly in those new areas.

Thus far, 12 Filling Stations have been inaugurated, of which four (4) in Jaber Al-Ahmad Residential City, five (5) in Sabah Al-Ahmad Residential City, and one (1) each in North West Sulaibikhat, Abdali Farms and Saad Al-Abdullah City.