An Induction Meeting for Students of the Refinery Operation Specialization at the College of Technological Studies

T&CD Department organized an induction meeting for the new students in the Refinery Operating Technology Department of the College of Technological Studies, in order to introduce them to the company's training program, which lasts two and a half years, equivalent to the study period of this subject at the college.

The meeting was organized by the project training team at the company's Head office Auditorium over a period of two days, in compliance with the security and safety requirements of social distancing. During the meeting, the team presented to the students an overview of the company, its business, facilities and refineries, as well as an overview of the agreement signed between the company and the Public Authority for Applied Education.

The meeting was attended by the project’s training Team Leader Suad Al-Awadi and the Head of the chemical engineering technology department Dr. Khaled Al-Anzi who in turn gave an explanation about the college’s study systems and the importance of commitment in order to achieve the academic grades required by the company according to the aforementioned training program.

It is noteworthy that KNPC implements this training program in the training centers and sites of the T&CD Department, whereby the student follows intensive training programs and simulation programs for the refinery units, which are added to the scientific curriculum they receive at the college.

The company introduces this program to invest in Kuwaiti youth and to provide relevant job opportunities for them after graduation, as well as to meet the needs of the company's Operations departments from graduates of this specialization, who play an important and essential role in the refineries work.