"KNPC" has taken additional precautionary measures to face the risks of corona.

KNPC has taken additional precautionary measures in all its installations and facilities, to address any potential risks which may arise from the spread of the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19).

DCEO of Projects and the official Spokesman of KNPC Abdullah Fahad Al-Ajmi told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that MAB and MAA refineries received today large numbers of employees who are supposed to do the job in the said refineries. What’s worth mentioning the employees have all undergone the necessary preventive examination at the entry gates.

As a matter of fact, Al-Ajmi emphasized that the company has reiterated that all contractors must examine their workers at their respective offices before they go to KNPC’s jobsites, where they will be reexamined before they get therein. 

Al-Ajmi said that two paths were allocated at each gate, one is for KNPC employees and the other one is for the contractors’. He pointed out that this is just an organizing procedure, which aims to regulate the large numbers of employees, and facilitate their smooth entry. 

In another development, he mentioned that KNPC has allocated five clinics in various work sites, noting that these clinics operate 24/7, and have ambulances so as to deal with emergency cases promptly and efficiently.

Al-Ajmi added that the company has provided additional quantities of masks, gloves, medicines, sterilization and disinfection materials, in addition to providing the gates with additional testing devices, noting that a special protocol was also adopted to deal with suspected cases, so that they are first isolated before contacting the Ministry of Health to take  Its actions as necessary.

At the conclusion of his statement, Al-Ajmi stated that  KNPC is keen on satisfying the needs of the local market regarding auto fuel and other oil derivatives, and it is working under the umbrella of KPC and subsidiaries in order for the oil sector to continue to fulfill its domestic and foreign obligations.