The ResidHydroTreat 2019 2nd International Symposium

Kuwait played host to the ResidHydroTreat 2019 2nd International Symposium & Exhibition. The 3-day Symposium was patronized by the patronage of Minister of Oil and Electricity & Water.
“The Symposium comes at a crucial time just before the IMO new law to reduce the sulfur content in bunker fuel to a maximum of 0.5% w by 2020 comes into effect,” KPC CEO Hashem Hashem said to open the event which was organized by KNPC and KIPIC.
KNPC CEO Waleed Al-Bader said that there are around 70 Residue Hydro-treating units in the world. “This technology significantly improves the conversion units performance with high quality products. The symposium is a fine opportunity to share the latest advances, lessons learnt and best practices of Residue Hydro-treating,” he added.