KNPC Signs KD 6.5 Million Contract with Agility

KNPC signed a contract with Agility Public Warehousing Company (KSC) amounting to KD 6.5 million according to which Agility shall provide warehousing management services for all KNPC warehouses for five years.
In the presence of KNPC DCEOs and a number of senior officials of both parties, Acting CEO Fahd Al-Daihani signed the contract on behalf of KNPC, whereas Administrative Affairs Manager Ahmed Al-Yacoub signed it on behalf of Agility.
Al-Daihani spoke highly of Agility as a publicly traded global company, providing logistics services, particularly forwarding, transporting and managing materials as well as spare parts, the thing which qualifies it to establish a strategic relationship with KNPC.
He also stated that the contract priority is to provide the company’s facilities with an efficient management of supplying spare parts for operation and maintenance without any delay, in addition to meeting the requirements of other KNPC support departments.
For his part, Commercial Department Manager Nasser Al-Thaqib underlined the company’s keenness on developing the existing contract services so as to meet its requirements and strategic aspirations, including RFID System which is deemed to be an integral part of managing the modern supply chain transactions, since it helps improve supply potentials and monitor resources and spare parts, and consequently manage the storage accurately.
He mentioned that there are challenges facing currently the Warehouses management, namely the limited storage capacity particularly with the imminent start of supplying the required spare parts for operating the Clean Fuels Project (CFP). What’s noteworthy is that “During negotiating the contract items, the Commercial Department efforts concluded in saving KD 960,000 out of the contract value,” Al-Thaqib added.