KNPC Hosts Think Tank Workshop

In preparation for issuing the first Unified Sustainability Report pertaining to KPC and subsidiaries, and in the light of KPC 2040 Strategy, and to benefit from the KNPC successful experience in this regard, KNPC hosted interactive workshop titled “Think Tank” about the requirements and criteria of writing the said report sorted out as per oil companies sectors.

    The workshop, which consisted of a group of lectures and lasted several days, was conducted by specialists from the international company “Ernest & Young”, the report consultant as well as CCD of KNPC.

    In the presence of KPC and subsidiaries, representatives from excavation, production, and refining sectors, speakers reviewed the data related to the different sectors included in the sustainability report and the importance of prioritizing these items according to the priority of each sector.

    DCEO for Support Services Nasser Al-Shamma’a opened the activities by saying that the history of KNPC in writing sustainability reports goes back to 2008, the target of which is to draw a clear picture of KNPC’s objectives, vision and initiatives in various projects, the thing which helps in issuing the KPC’s Unified Sustainability Report. 

For her part, CCD Manager Khuloud Al-Mutairi expressed her pride for contributing to the first KPC’s Unified Sustainability Report covering 2018-2019, and she added that KNPC is the pioneer at the GCC level in issuing four sustainability reports, thus reflecting the Company’s transparency and commitment towards its internal and external customers. Al-Mutairi stated that these reports are approved by an international organization auditing its data as a third party and she mentioned that the second phase of KPC Report is on progress at the time being and it mirrors all achievements and best practices during the running fiscal year.