KNPC won three international awards for health and safety management for 2018

KNPC won three international awards for health and safety management for 2018, owing to its achievements and compliance with enhancing the criteria of health and safety management in all its services and operations. The ceremony of handing over the awards was organized by the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in Birmingham and was attended by a delegation from the Company which included the Team Leader of Health, Safety and Environment at MAB Hafez Al-Tannak, the Team Leader of Projects Coordination Mohammed Fahd Al-Ajmi on behalf of the Head Office and the Team Leader of Projects Waleed Khaja on behalf of Local Marketing Department.
MAB of KNPC has been awarded the (RoSPA) of “President” category whereas both the Head Office and Local Marketing Department have been awarded the prize of Merit.
DCEO of Administration and Commercial Affairs and the Spokesman of KNPC Bassim Al-Eisa stated that obtaining such an international prestigious award reflects the top priority KNPC has given to implement the safety regulations. He added that this also mirrors the high level of awareness the Company’s employees enjoy.
Moreover, Al-Eisa reiterated that winning these peculiar awards in addition to the awards granted recently by the British Safety Council to other facilities in KNPC definitely reflects the efforts of the Company’s employees, their strict adherence to the effective international criteria and systems in this regard. He added that this represents the employees’ endeavor to maintain the Company’s reputation and its decision in keeping this advanced position.
What’s worth mentioning is that the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents was founded over a 100 years ago and is an international  leading society toward enhancing safety in various industrial and civilian fields and it aims at preventing accidents and preserving the safety of individuals whether on the job site, at home or on the roads. Its basic motto is “Life Free from Accidents and Serious Injuries”.
RoSPA grants its awards upon conducting a comprehensive assessment for the valid systems in the management of Health, Safety, and Environment and observing the top management and the level of employees’ awareness and their adherence to the safety programs, in addition to other several issues, such as risk management, continuous employees training on the best safety procedure as well as the serious accident-free record, … etc.