A Delegation from EMR Visits CFP

As part of the Agreement entered between the Company and the Credit Agencies as well as international lending banks within a deal for financing the CFP, an independent consultant, International EMR was appointed by the lenders and whose task is to follow up and supervise the execution of the plan for managing the environment performance and the social responsibility at the project throughout the duration of the project.
KNPC received EMR representatives for three days. They want to audit all issues pertaining to the environment and community. The visit program includes field tours at the Project’s jobsite the chalet compound surrounding it. They checked HSE procedure and review the work progress as well as the completion rates at the project so that they wanted to make sure that the same meets with the requirements and ensures the community’s safe and security.
The delegation was received by CCD Manager Khuloud Al-Mutairi, Team Leader of Environment Captain Mussaed Sulaiman, CFP Teams and Environment Section. What’s noteworthy is that auditing is effected twice annually.