CEO Mohammed Ghazi Al-Mutairi paid a visit to the new CCB

CEO Mohammed Ghazi Al-Mutairi, accompanied by a number of DCEOs, paid a visit to the new Central Control Building (CCB) at MAB. He observed the work progress at the said building, particularly after the actual work has commenced thereat.
Al-Mutairi thanked the MAB Operations Department and everyone else participated in transferring the control systems from the Local Control Rooms (LCRs) to the new Building in an honorable and highest professional way.
During the visit, CEO and his deputies checked the Building and the equipment therein and they looked closely over the various facilities and adjoining annexes.
The CCB has been equipped so as to meet with the operating requirements of the Clean Fuels Project (CFP) and to enhance the operational distinction, reliability and safety performance as well as to develop the capacity efficiency and above that the protection of environment.
The new Building will certainly help boost MAB capabilities and potentials due to the quality equipment it contains and which complies with the most effective and precise international systems.