KNPC Third Best NCO Employer Worldwide

KNPC garnered the number three ranking in an international professional magazine Rigzone’s survey to determine the top 10 National Oil Companies (NOCs) employer in the world.
KNPC ranked third and came next to Saudi Aramco which scored the highest and the Malaysian PETRONAS which ranked the second.
          Participants in a survey conducted by Rigzone’s, which is an international professional magazine used to publish their news and findings on the internet - 6,621 respondents from 2,990 different companies in more than 100 countries - have determined which NOCs would be best to work for.
          The said magazine whose offices are in several huge international cities, such as Houston, London and Singapore, presented a profile for KNPC, stating that this Company has been established 58 years ago and headed by CEO Mohammed Ghazi Al-Mutairi, and it is the domestic downstream unit in the State of Kuwait.