IT Community Preliminary Meeting

CEO Mohammad Ghazi Al-Mutairi affirmed that IT Departments of K-companies bear a heavy responsibility to be a leading contributor to building digital businesses and enhancing efficiency, safety, security & profitability.
He said, while opening the preliminary meeting of IT Community, that IT departments have to play an effective role in protecting infrastructure of oil & gas sectors against cyber threats, indicating that improving the performance of these two sectors highly serves the Kuwaiti oil sector and the State of Kuwait as well.
DCEOs, IT managers and employees of KNPC IT Department attended the meeting. However, a cooperation start ceremony between IT departments of K-companies will be organized in January 2018. 
IT Manager Abdulaziz Al-Duaij said that the role of IT departments is not restricted to providing service, since it became a main factor for improving performance, profitability and reducing cost in order to place the Kuwaiti oil companies amongst the leading international ones.