Green Building Gold Certificate for HO

KNPC Head Office building has won the GOLD certificate for existing operating buildings to be the first certified Green Building in Kuwait under Gulf Organization for Research & Development (GORD), domiciled in Qatar.

The CEO Muhammad Ghazi Al-Mutairi received the certificate from GORD CEO Dr. Yousef Al-Hurr and R&D Manager Dr. Isam Al-Sarraj handed the Certificate to Al-Mutairi in the presence of a number of DCEOs, R&T Department Manager Dr. Suad Al-Radwan and R&T Team Leader Lamia’ Al-Kandari.

DCEO for Planning & Finance Shukri Al-Mahrous described the certificate as a “source of pride and adds another environmental and technical achievement.”  He added that R&T Department is currently working on the evaluation of two buildings, one is the existing MAB Administration Building and another under the “new buildings” category. 

In turn, Dr. A--Radwan said that the Head Office Building got the certificate after passing the requirements of Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS). “There is an agreement between KNPC and GORD regarding the green buildings and sustainability. We are currently working on introducing advanced applications which would qualify the Head Office for the Platinum Certificate next year,” she added.