- International Awards & Certificates

KNPC is always keen on fulfilling all health, safety, and environment requirements and adherence to business regulations, in order to protect its employees' lives and health, and in an attempt to promote their skills and potentials to avoid risks.

In order to achieve leadership in downstream industry, the Company intends to issue regulations in compliance the rules and achieving world record, not only at the local or regional oil sector level but also worldwide. This made the company win many regional and international awards in various fields throughout its full-of-achievement history.

Generally speaking, the Company has recently witnessed a lump jump in scientific, technical and professional advancement. This boom coincided with full commitment to health, safety and environment rules, which constantly entitled KNPC to obtain lots of awards in several fields. Only in the last decade, KNPC has won more than 40 international awards in health, environment, quality assurance and sustainability. The international awarding institutions have also varied, and most of which are globally well-known with good commercial reputation and moral value.

- Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

Among the most prominent awards the Company has received repeatedly over the years are the awards of the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), founded more than 100 years ago, to promote safety in different industrial and civil fields, and aims to reduce accidents, and award its certificates after conducting a comprehensive assessment for health, safety and environmental systems applied in the Company.

KNPC Gold Award.pngKNPC President Award.png

- International Safety Award

KNPC has made a remarkable achievement by obtaining many International Awards in occupational health and safety from the British Safety Award, which is one of the most important centers accredited in this field worldwide. The Company has received these awards for more than one year in a row and in four affiliated sites, namely, Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery, Mina Abdullah Refinery, Local Marketing Department, and the Head Office.

KNPC International Safety Award.pngKNPC International Safety Award HO.png

- Deal Of The Years

Among the awards KNPC has won is the "Deal of the Years" award, which is granted by the nternational company (TXF) specialized in trade, export, finance, fund management and financial risks, based in London. The Company was awarded this prize in 2018 for its success in completing the deal to finance the Clean Fuels Project (CFP) from international export credit agencies, which amounted to $ 6.25 billion and is valid for 13 years.

KNPC Deal Of The Years Award.png

- Global System for Assessment of Sustainability (GSAS)

KNPC Head Office has also obtained the sustainability award by the Global System for Assessment of Sustainability (GSAS). The Head Office, Company’s refineries and Local Marketing Department together with its facilities, namely, Warehouses, Depots and filling stations were granted two awards (ISO 14001 and ISO 9001). On the other hand, MAB Refinery has successfully fulfilled the requirements of the Global System for Assessment of Sustainability (GSAS) for Design & Build achieving (3) STAR rating.

KNPC Gold Award (GSAS).pngKNPC ISO Award.pngKNPC MAB Gold Award (GSAS).png

The awards obtained by KNPC are in different fields, whereas it is still winning more awards.