With the current accelerating changes, especially in the oil industry where we see severe competition and wide strides in cutting-edge technology, KNPC follows advanced concepts in management, refining technologies and other fields.
In this regard, the Company:
  • Conducts pilot studies with local and international collaborators to develop new products and processes,
  • Shares the best practices with other K-companies,
  • Develops thesis research topics for new and innovative initiatives for each of the higher education (MSC and PhD) candidates, and
  • Explores and innovates new products with other research institutions and universities.
Seeking to develop its core business and expand in its image in society, KNPC encourages the innovative ideas, creative culture and resourceful research. Support is always provided to quickly turn those ideas into reality. Innovation training, workshops, and campaigns are carried out to embed this culture. Idea challenge sessions and hackathons are also conducted.
Not surprisingly, the HR has a prominent position. A highly competent, quick solution-finder workforce is now a must for every business. A special team was formed for Talent Management through which the employees may give suggestions or innovations to develop work and reduce cost and time. Each and every idea is reviewed and studied for possible implementation.
The Company creates an agile environment that gives employees the opportunity to enhance work-engagement and be satisfied.
Knowledge sharing and open communication with all K-companies is regularly effected.
One major field in which KNPC is keen to develop focuses on Sustainability” due to its critical impact on human, environment and economy. For example, the company started using the solar energy to power the filling stations. As well, the Dibdiba project to produce 15% of KNPA electricity consumption from solar sources is well underway.
In order to reduce environmental impact of its operations, KNPC is carrying out several projects, such as the tail gas recovery project and acid gas treatment project.